Leading golf courses in Holland

Het Rijk Golfbanen is the umbrella organisation off golf courses Het Rijk van Nijmegen, Het Rijk van Nunspeet, Het Rijk van Margraten en Het Rijk van Sybrook. Four leading golf courses with one face, but each with their own identity. Het Rijk Golfbanen stands for quality, professionalism and hospitality.

All 4 courses are open to non-members 7 days a week, all throughout the year. Tee times can be booked up to 14 days in advance by phone. The on course restaurants are always open to complete your perfect day. Green Fee rates


Business meetings

A meeting, a seminar, a presentation: Het Rijk offers you peace and quiet, space, and facilities for every type of business meeting. On request, we can equip our rooms with audiovisual equipment. We can also serve lunch or dinner for all tastes. If you would also like to enjoy the golfing facilities, either before or after your meeting, then we can supply a golf program tailored for both experienced and inexperienced golfers.

Corporate golf day

A corporate golf day combined with a tournament or clinic is the ideal way to form and maintain business connections. Het Rijk’s hospitable and relaxed ambience provides the ideal setting. A corporate golf day can also provide a perfect staff outing.
For whatever reason you come to Het Rijk Golfbanen, you can count on a perfectly organized day, from your arrival with coffee and tea to the day’s conclusion with lunch or dinner. Are there also non-golfers in your group? If so, our competent team of professionals can provide tutoring to the beginners, while we organize a contest for the more seasoned golfers. Our sales team are only too pleased to help you compile a program that is tailor made to all your wishes.

Company contracts

For companies with one or more employees who regularly visit a golf course for business purposes, we have two excellent options for company contracts at one of Het Rijk’s courses. You can choose between an individual company contract or wild cards.

The individual company contract:

  • Individual playing rights on one of Het Rijk’s golf courses. The name of the nominated player may be changed annually (before the end of each calendar year);
  • The nominated player may bring 14 guests without paying green fees;
  • Automatic membership of the golf club and business club associated with the chosen golf course;
  • Invitation to all company competitions (held four times a year);
  • An advertisement in the golf club foyer and a listing of your company name with logo on our website www.golfenophetrijk.nl;
  • 10% discount on green fees when combined with a corporate golf day;
  • The right to use the meeting facilities five times a year with coffee/tea (up to 10 people).

All-Course playing rights

The company contract for one golf course, as mentioned above, can be extended with the right to play on all 4 courses belonging to Het Rijk.

Wild card contract

A wild card affords you non-individual playing rights on one of Het Rijk’s courses. The wild card is in the name of your company and counts as a membership card. You can decide each time who uses the wild card.

Combined wild card contract

A combined wild card affords you non-individual playing rights on one of Het Rijk’s golf courses, extended with the right to play on the other golf courses of Het Rijk. Your company decides who uses this extended wild card.

Feel free to visit us at one of our golf course and we can supply you with further information during a personal interview.


Postweg 17
6561 KJ Groesbeek
Postbus 100
6560 AC Groesbeek

Phonenumber: 0031 (0) 24 397 66 44



Plesmanlaan 30
8072 PT Nunspeet
Postbus 260
8070 AG Nunspeet

Phonenumber: 0031 (0) 341 255 255


Bemelerweg 99
6267 AL Cadier en Keer
Postbus 14
6269 ZG Margraten

Phonenumber: 0031 (0) 43 356 99 99



Veendijk 100
7525 PZ Enschede
Postbus 11021
7502 LA Enschede

Phonenumber: 0031 (0) 541 530 331